Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miniature Headaches

I've spent the last few weeks making items for swaps.  I'm part of Table 7 at the Quarter Connection online convention in November.  Table 7 is a swap table, meaning that the ten participants at the table will swap items fitting our theme, Formal Tea Party.  My job was to make everyone tea sandwiches and a tea cake. 

Then we were each to make one thing as a general table gift.  Lazy me, I decided to meld that with the five convention door prizes that I needed to make and came up with the tea table and dessert tray that's in the picture.  So five tables and trays went to the convention at large, and one table went to the table hostess JoAnn Jacot for Table 7.

Since this is my first convention, I'm still waiting to see what's next.  It's been fun so far emailing back and forth with my table mates about the table's theme and mascot.  Table 7 is a little intimidating to me since I don't seem to have the minature making background the others do.  So I'm paddling as fast as I can in this uphill stream!


  1. i think they look awesome and i can't wait to see what you get in return!!

  2. Me too! And if you want to see what I get, you'll have to visit. Double win for me! Have fun moving!