Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Good Time Was Had by All!

The Quarter Connection online convention is over.  I won absolutely nothing--no doorprizes, no daily drawings, no centerpieces--but had a wonderful time anyway.

My table, Table 7, was a great group of people:  Hosted by the friendly JoAnn Jacot (rugs and dishes), the table included besides me:
  • Gayle Ballargeon (fireplace)
  • Jennifer Elliott (tea boxes)
  • Helen Johnson (chairs, cups and saucers)
  • Ginger Landon-Siegel (teapot, cups, saucers)
  • Sally Lonn (roses)
  • Carol Pittman (hutch and side table)
  • Fern Rouleau (plate of cookies)
  • Jackie Williams (tables and tray)

Each of us made something for everyone else's teahouse (what each person contributed is in parentheses above) and one special gift that only one person would get.  The little table between the windows was the special gift I got from Jackie, and I love it as a focal point.

In addition I made the 50 rugs and got 50 tote bag favors back.  Those arrived in The Box that we couldn't open until November 10.  Talk about a long wait!  But finally the date arrived and part of what was inside it is pictured at left.  Everything was enclosed in the black bag with the red stripe behind the contents.  Inside the little house-shaped box were the ruler, cutting knife, paint tray, and extraordinary gifts including a quarter inch ice cream maker with a scoop of ice cream in a dish, a stone bench, and a hanging plant.  Inside the acrylic box was a kit for a front porch scene which I'm going to make after the first of the year--after I finish some of the projects I began last year but haven't had the time (or inclination because of health issues) to finish.

But what about the 50 tote bag favors?  What did they look like unpacked?  Well, the photo at right shows them all spread out onto the dining room table.  And quite a selection they are too!  The convention's overall theme was Home for the Holidays, so many people made something holiday related, from Christmas trees and packages to Easter egg dying set-up and trick-or-treating Halloween ghosts.  One of the funniest favors was a tiny straight jacket for after the holidays were over!

As the title of this blog says, a good time was had by all!  Whether we won beautiful prizes or won nothing, we all came away having a good time and meeting new friends from around the world.

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  1. wait, you have to take them out of the bags!! i can't tell what they all are :( it's ok though, we'll be by soon enough i imagine :D sounds like the convention was a good time! poo on not winning any prizes!!