Monday, July 30, 2012

What, No Minis?

Debbie Young's Trinity Circle Cottage
 Other than swap items for various groups, I haven't really made anything since the flower cart in the last post.  Getting ready for, having, and recovering from surgery on May 2 has taken entirely too much time.  In addition, we started a home remodeling project, at first just planning, but now life altering.

I still have to come up with something for the NAME Day online swap and make 10 of whatever I decide to do.  But other than that and a 1/144" (to the foot) house for my brother, I won't be making much until October.

In October, I've signed up to take a two-day workshop as part of the Good Sam Miniatures Show in the south Bay area.  I'm excited about taking the Trinity Circle class with Debbie Young, whom I've heard a lot about.  Since I'm usually a little slow at building minis in a group setting, I'm hoping I can keep up and
actually come out of the class with the cottage built.  I'm also hoping I can paint it another color besides green!

Why won't I be making miniatures like crazy between now and October?  Because we're getting new flooring throughout the house, I've been slowly packing up my mini supplies so that they can be moved when new carpeting is being put into my old work space.  My new work space will have vinyl flooring--much easier to keep clean and find tiny pieces that fly into the air.  So until I get moved, my mini making will be at a mini-mum.  (Sorry!  Couldn't help it!)

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