Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Working on the Work Room

Now that I have everything scattered around, but grouped, it's time to get it all picked up and put back on the shelves.  I've culled out a stack of cross-stitch books that I'm thinking of adding to my next door neighbor's next garage sale.  We'll see.  He used to hold them about once a month in good weather, but I haven't seen him organizing any recently.

Other than that, I need to get to JoAnn's to buy some velveteen to make myself a new flower petal pillow.  Someone I knew long ago who was really into making mini flowers showed me how to make a pillow that's white or off-white on one side and black or dark grey on the other.  The pillow has batting between the layers and is perfect for making cupped flower petals using a stylus.  I seem to have lost my old flower pillow, but need to make a new one anyway because they wear down with time and use.

I also need to get some Wonder Under and Fray Check for the mini rugs I'm weaving.  I need 53 of them for a huge swap in October, so need to get on the ball with that project.

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