Monday, March 21, 2011

Why No New Posts?

Well, I haven't been working on minis lately because I'm in the middle of getting contact lens.  I had contacts in the late 1960s when I was in high school.  They were the hard lenses that were absolutely painful, but vanity demanded that I wear them no matter that my eyes were always red and weepy.  High school ended and so did the contacts.

I got them again in the 1980s, but since I have astigmatism, they were semi-hard and also painful.  The worst part was the best the doctor said he could do was 20/50 vision.  Not a choice for someone like me who likes to see and read.  Another slam dunk into oblivion for them.

Now I'm trying soft lenses which are unbelievable.  I barely know they are in my eyes - except that I can't see!  I'm trying the plan that calls for one eye with far vision correction and one eye with near vision correction.  The far vision correction is perfect, but I can't read or see with the near vision correction so far.

So until I can see - even if I have to have magnifiers with the contacts - I won't be doing minis.  Fortunately, I can see enough to read if I concentrate really hard on the print.  Not fun, but gets the books read and emails written.

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