Thursday, April 21, 2011

Japanese House First Floor

I've completed the first floor and primed it, but noticed that one of the first floor rooms is sealed once the second floor is added.  That means I'll have to paint or wallpaper it as well as add the flooring and any furniture before I add the second floor on top of it.

I found woven paper at Paper Mojo and now have to decide which ones I want to use for flooring.

I also found some interesting wall covering choices.  The one everyone seems to like the best is the autumn leaf print at left.  The paper is so busy, however, that highlighting anything on it wouldn't work.  So only the furniture and maybe a plant or two would be all I'd want to add to the room with that paper. 

The two floors have different woven paper patterns.  Nothing is glued since I'm just trying out the patterns at this time.

Another choice for the wall covering is the small flower pattern at right.  The leaf, feather, and flower pattern is very small and isn't overpowering in the room.  I could add any furnishings with this paper and know that the furnishings would stand out. 

Also, another choice for floors is the diagonal pattern in the hallway the room to the right of the flower papered wall.  At this point, I don't think I like it as much as the straight lines of the other paper, lines that seem to invite people into the house.

The irridescent maroon and black bleeding stripe paper is the third choice.  While it makes the walls darker, it would look nice if I put a light-color display unit in front of it.  I could display teapots on the shelves which would really stand out against the paper background.

The final choice for wall covering is a textured rice paper that looks almost like a curtain.  The advantages to this one are its versatility and texture.  I could put any kind of furnishings in front of this paper, knowing they would be emphasized, yet the wall itself would still have interest.

Which combination to choose?  Still thinking about it.  Stay tuned.

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