Friday, April 22, 2011

Dremel, Base, and Bricks

So last night in a fit of creativity, I decided to try the Dremel on the base for a moment.  I didn't realize that rounding the edges would be so quick and efforless.  I donned my protective glasses, fired up the Dremel at the very lowest speed (which was fast enough for me and the project), and within 15 minutes the edges of the base were rounded and sanded.  Wow.  Considering how much time I spent with the emery board, I was amazed that this part of the project took no time at all.

Onward to the staining part of the project.  With the Blick marker, that too was a breeze.  I'd expected to spend a half hour previewing what I'd have to do the next day and the project was already done.

So I was done with the rounding, sanding and staining.  Huh.  Time for bed?  Not yet.

The next step was dabbing the stones for the walkway with the umbers, green and ochre paints.  Well, why not?  So dab away I did.  Now I just have to put the runny gray paint on top of the dried layers and the walkway will be finished.  Onward to the next page of directions tomorrow!

At right, the dabbed walkway and the redwood base.  Done within 20 minutes.  I think I'm falling in love with the Dremel!

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